Minister Lee to the Secretary of State.

No. 23 B.]

Sir: I have the honor to inform you that yesterday, while conversing with General Alfaro, the Supreme Chief of the Republic of Ecuador, he showed me a letter which he had addressed to Colonel Gorgas at Panama requesting relief in regard to the yellow fever situation at Guayaquil. I had spoken of the matter before and am glad to know that the suggestion has been taken seriously. The situation at Guayaquil is a serious one and naturally menaces the port of Panama (Ancon).

If the Public-Health and Marine-Hospital Service can take the letter of General Alfaro to Colonel Gorgas into serious consideration I am sure that the Government of Ecuador will be most grateful. Doctor Lloyd, of the above-mentioned service, is already installed in Guayaquil and does all that he can under limitations. The idea of the Government of Ecuador, however, seems to be to enlarge the powers of the quarantine officers of the United States. I regret that I can not inclose a copy of the letter. It was sent to Panama a week ago.

I have, etc.,

Joseph W. J. Lee.