The Acting Secretary of State to Minister Wilson.

No. 43.]

Sir: I have to acknowledge the receipt of your dispatch, No. 54, of the 30th ultimo, in which you state your reasons for declining to use your influence to facilitate the work of Mr. Oscar Van der Meersch in procuring emigration from Belgium to South Carolina, for which purpose he holds a commission from the governor of South Carolina as special delegate for Holland and Belgium of the department of agriculture, commerce, and emigration of the State of South Carolina.

In reply, I have to advise you that your course in the matter is correct, in the absence of a request from the State of South Carolina to this department and the department’s instruction—especially in view of the fact that official encouragement of emigration is objectionable to the Belgian Government.

Of course the department would give due consideration to any request it might receive from the State.

I am, etc.,

Robert Bacon.