The Danish Minister to the Secretary of State.


Mr. Secretary of State: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your excellency’s note No. 629, of the 22d instant, by which Mr. Robert Bacon, Acting Secretary of State, was so good as to make, [Page 534] on the condition proposed by me, the formal declaration that, under the laws of the United States, it is not necessary, in order to secure the protection of Danish industrial designs of models, that the articles they represent shall be manufactured in the United States.

In return for that declaration and conformably to the condition proposed by me, I hasten, by virtue of an authorization received from the Royal Ministry of Foreign Affairs, formally to declare that the Government of the King will cause to be promulgated a royal ordinance by which, under the law of April 1, 1905, § 11 i. f., exmeption from the rule in § 11, No. 4, relative to the requirement that corresponding articles shall be manufactured in Denmark, shall be granted to industrial designs or models from the United States as long as the laws of the United States relative to the matter under consideration shall remain unchanged.

I shall have the honor to transmit the text of the royal ordinance to your excellency immediately upon its promulgation.

Be pleased to accept, etc.

C. Brun.

royal ordinance.


We, Frederick the Eighth, by God’s grace King of Denmark, the Wends and Goths, Duke of Sleswick, Holstein, Stormarn, Ditmarsh, Lauenburg, and Oldenburg, make known that, inasmuch as it was decided in an exchange of notes between the Danish Government on the one hand and the Governments of England and the United States of America on the other that articles imported from Denmark into the said countries may enjoy the protection granted on the model there, it is our will hereby to order that the provisions contained under No. 4, last paragraph of law No. 107 of April 1, 1905, § 11, to the effect that the protection granted on the model shall cease if the applicant for registration from abroad imports or allows to be imported articles manufactured after the same, shall not be applicable to articles imported from England or the United States of America as long as the laws in force on the subject in those countries remain unchanged.

All whom it may concern shall be guided accordingly.

Given at Charlottenlund, August 14, 1906.

Under our royal hand and seal.

Frederick R.

[l. s.]
Sigurd Berg.