Minister Morgan to the Secretary of State.

No. 32.]

Sir: Referring to the department’s No. 7, of March 3, in relation to the refusal of the Cuban Government to apply the benefit of the existing reciprocity treaty to a certain shipment of foreign-grown rice milled in the United States and exported to Cuba by the Seaboard Rice Milling Company, of Galveston, Tex., in which I am instructed on a convenient occasion to recur to the subject at the [Page 519] foreign office with a view to ultimately securing for the rice in question the benefit of the reduced rate of the reciprocity treaty, I have the honor to report that the assumption by Mr. Fonts Sterling of the duties of the secretary of the Cuban treasury offers a suitable moment on which to reopen the subject. I propose, therefore, to address him in this matter through the secretary of state and to communicate his views to you in the immediate future.

I have, etc.,

Edwin V. Morgan.