Consul-General Steinhart to the Secretary of State.a


The secretary of state of Cuba has requested me, in the name of President Palma, to ask President Roosevelt to send immediately two vessels—one to Habana, other to Cienfuegos. They must come at once. The government forces are unable to quell the rebellion. The Government is unable to protect life and property. President Palma will convene Congress next Friday, and Congress will ask for our forcible intervention. It must be kept secret and confidential that Palma asked for vessels. No one here except President, secretary of state, and myself knows about it. Very anxiously awaiting reply. Send answer to

  1. See report of the Secretary of War and Assistant Secretary of State, December 11, 1906, to the President. [Report of War Dept., Vol. 1, Appendix E, p. 444 et seq.]