Minister Barrett to the Secretary of State.

No. 69.]

Sir: I have the honor to report with great satisfaction a steady improvement during the last month of political and business conditions in Colombia. There has been apparently absolute quiet in all lines of political agitation, while there have been indications that foreign capital is feeling a greater sense of security than it has for the last year and a half. If these conditions continue, they will be evidence of the wisdom of the policies pursued by President Reyes in his efforts to bring about permanent peace and prosperity for this wonderfully rich country. The longer I stay here and the more I investigate the resources and possibilities of this Republic the more I am convinced that it possesses a latent capacity of development second only to that of Mexico among all the South American Republics.

In this connection it gives me profound pleasure to emphasize a gradual growth of a new friendly feeling toward the United States. Although there is still much bitterness among a certain element of political leaders and among the masses of the people, yet the courtesy that is shown me on all occasions and at all places, and the more kindly references that are being made in the press to the United States show a great change of feeling. If North American capital will now come to this country, as that of European countries like England, France, and Germany is beginning to do, it will be taken by the people of this Republic as being an indication of the desire of the United States to assist Colombia in its development.

Shortly I shall submit one or two specific reports upon the conditions and resources of this country, which I hope will awaken wider interest throughout the United States in its marvelous possibilities of legitimate exploitation.

I have, etc.,

John Barrett.