Minister Rockhill to the Secretary of State.


(States that he is informed by the Chinese Government that it will be ready in a few days to select at Antung a suitable locality for [Page 188] an international settlement and otherwise comply with article 12 of our treaty of 1903. The Japanese minister says that he is authorized by his Government to cooperate with us in the matter as well as for a similar object later on at Mukden, and that he will send a duly empowered agent to Antung to discuss and agree on these matters jointly with representatives of America and China. Mr. Rockhill inquires whether he may instruct the consul-general at Newchwang to go to Antung as soon as his presence is needed there and duly empower him to agree to the site of the settlement as well as the regulations, subject to the department’s approval. States that the settlement of these questions at Mukden will take place on or after June 1, and that some one must be sent there for the same object by the American Government.)