The Acting Secretary of State to Minister Rockhill.

No. 140.]

Sir: With his dispatch No. 206, of February 16 last, the consul-general at Newchwang has sent to the department for its information a copy of his dispatch to you, No. 152, of the same date, in regard to the complaint of the British-American Tobacco Company that their goods, arriving at Dalny and Mukden and handled by Chinese subagents, are subjected to duty and likin taxes, while the shippers of Japanese cigarettes and tobacco do not pay, and stating that the American and other foreign agents of that company continue to complain because they are not granted permission to enter the Japanese zone of military occupation.

In this connection I inclose herewith copies of recent instructions to the legation at Tokyo on the subject.a

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You should lose no opportunity to impress upon your Japanese colleague the serious problems which will confront us if the Japanese assurances of the open door and equal treatment in Manchuria are disregarded.

I am, etc.,

Robert Bacon,
Acting Secretary.
  1. Telegrams of March 24 and 30, pp. 174, 177.