Diplomatic Agent Jackson to the Secretary of State.

No. 105, Bulgarian Series.]

Sir: Referring to previous correspondence (dispatches Nos. 96 and 101), I have the honor to transmit herewith a pamphleta containing the French text of the treaties of commerce concluded by Bulgaria with France and Italy, both of which passed the Sobranje on the 5th instant. Both treaties, I understand, actually went into effect in accordance with arrangements made between the governments concerned on January 1/14.

Both treaties (article 20 of that with France and article 19 of that with Italy provide that most-favored-nation treatment will not be applied in the case of customs union or where special favors are accorded to bordering states (Servia, Bulgaria, etc.) in order to facilitate trade across the frontier. In the French treaty (article 16) the eventual creation of monopolies in Bulgaria in regard to powder, tobacco, alcohol, salt, petroleum, matches, cigarette paper, and playing cards, is provided for.

I have etc.,

John B. Jackson.
  1. Filed iu the Department of State.