The Secretary of State to the Bolivian Minister.

My Dear Mr. Calderon: I regret very much that on a careful reexamination of the engagements which I have already made for my journey to South America next summer and a computation of the time necessary to keep those engagements, I find it quite impossible for me to make a visit to La Paz and keep within my limits.

I am very sorry, for I am most anxious to see your beautiful and romantic country and to become acquainted with your distinguished public men. I believe Bolivia, under the wise and statesmanlike policy which now directs her Government, is destined for a great and prosperous future, and I should be glad to increase the pleasant association between Bolivia and the United States by a personal visit. I hope that at some other time that may be possible.

In the meantime I beg to convey to your Government an expression of my thanks and of my high appreciation of the courtesy and kindness which has led to the invitation handed to me by you.

With kind regards, I am, etc.,

Elihu Root.