Mr. Finch to Mr. Hay.

No. 733.]

Sir: The within correspondence relates to the detention and discharge by the military authorities of this Republic of Louis Eugene Hufnagel. Mr. Hufnagel is the bearer of passport No. 19, issued in renewal of passport No. 8, the latter issued in compliance with your No. 188, dated June 28, 1901.a


William R. Finch.
[Inclosure 1.—Telegram.]

Mr. Hufnagel to Mr. Finch.

Louis Hufnagel is detained in barracks of national guards, notwithstanding his passport. Await answer.

John Hufnagel.
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[Inclosure 2.—Telegram.]

Mr. Finch to Mr. Hufnagel.

Will ask for his immediate release.

W. R. Finch.
[Inclosure 3.]

Mr. Finch to Señor Romeu.

Sir: I inclose copy and translation of a telegram received last evening from the United States commercial agent at Paysandu, Uruguay.

Mr. Louis Hufnagel is the bearer of a passport issued by authority of the Government of the United States and should not have been detained. If he has not already been released please have an order to that effect issued.

I am, etc.,

William R. Finch.
[Inclosure 4.—Telegram.]

Mr. Hufnagel to Mr. Finch.

Louis Hufnagel has been released.

John Hufnagel.
[Inclosure 5.—Translation.]

Señor Romeu to Mr. Finch.

Mr. Minister: I had the honor to receive your excellency’s note dated the 25th instant, inclosing copy of a telegram from the United States commercial agent in Paysandu addressed to your excellency stating that his son has been taken to serve in the national guard in that locality.

In the conception that Mr. Louis Hufnagel is really a North American citizen, as his father asserts, the ministry had ordered his release from military service, and for this purpose gave the corresponding instructions to the respective authorities one day previous to that on which your excellency’s note was received.

Meanwhile I must say to your excellency for the corresponding ulterior effects that the military commander of that department asserts that Mr. Louis Hufnagel was born in Paysandu and is inscribed in the civil register in accordance with the law on the matter, which document he will forward to the Government at the first opportunity.

I will be pleased to confer with your excellency on this subject to-morrow at 5 o’clock, as I took the liberty of indicating on a private card dated yesterday.

With this motive, etc.,

José Romeu.