Mr. Finch to Mr. Hay.

No. 713.]

Sir: No formal declaration of war has been published by the Government of Uruguay or the Blanco party. Restrictive orders have been issued, however, by the former. Egress from Montevideo and other points of the Republic is restricted to foreigners, and they, before being allowed to depart, are compelled to obtain permits issued only on certificates of nationality from their respective consuls or ministers. A rigid press censorship has been adopted. The telegraph companies of the Republic have been “intervened,” and the circulation of outside newspapers containing prohibited matter—that is, news matter relating to current events—forbidden.

No order has as yet been published “intervening” the general mails.

All Blanco clubs have been officially closed, and their presidents notified that Blancos in larger numbers than two or three are not allowed to meet. To make this order effective policemen guard the entrances to the regular meeting places of Blancos.

You will see by the above that while martial law has not been formally proclaimed, martial law is being enforced throughout Uruguay.


William R. Finch.