Mr. Hay to Mr. Leishman.


(Mr. Hay states that the Turkish memorandum is not regarded unfavorably by the Government of the United States, and in view of its receipt Mr. Leishman would not be justified to leave; that the ambassador question may be dropped, leaving it in abeyance; that the Lane settlement is satisfactory. Instructs him to inform the admiral that the presence of the fleet is no longer necessary, and that he can withdraw; to inform the Turkish Government that the fleet has been directed to leave in view of the engagements contained in the Turkish memorandum, but that owing to the repeated delays and failures to do justice to the Government of the United States the President must insist that these engagements be fulfilled immediately or he will be constrained to lay the whole matter before Congress and to recommend such action as he shall deem appropriate. Further instructs him to endeavor to secure satisfactory settlement of the school question on bases not less favorable than the French Mytilene agreement.)