Count Cassini to Mr. Adee.


Mr. Assistant Secretary of State: The Imperial Government has just advised me, and charges me to acquaint the Federal Government with the fact that it adheres to the provisions taken by the President concerning the disarmament and the other measures and provisions of the transport Lena, which entered the port of San Francisco on the 11th instant, and whose boilers and other machinery demand urgent repairs.

There remains to settle the question of the repatriation of the crew of the transport Lena. The Imperial Government expresses the firm assurance that the Federal authorities will facilitate the passage of the officers and seamen of the Lena across the territory of the United States, according them all the assistance compatible with the duties of neutrality and the amicable relations existing between the two countries. Captain Berlinsky, commander of the Lena, has expressed to me a desire that five officers and 100 seamen shall remain in San Francisco for necessary (intérieur) service on the transport. I do not doubt, Mr. Assistant Secretary of State, that these requests, which I have the honor to communicate to you, will be received by the Federal Government in the spirit of justice and impartiality which distinguishes it.

Be pleased to accept, Mr. Assistant Secretary of State, etc.,