Mr. Wilson to Mr. Hay.

No. 33.
Bulgarian series.]

Sir: I have the honor to inclose herewith a copy (London Times, April 11) of the Turco-Bulgarian agreement signed at Constantinople on the 8th instant. A protocol has been added, stating that both parties shall make special arrangements concerning: (1) The measures to be taken to insure the security of the frontier; (2) the regulation of the postal and telegraph service; (3) the reciprocal extradition of criminals and deserters; (4) conditions regarding military service; (5) the powers of their respective commercial agents; (6) arrangements for the future connection of railways, as the interests of the two contracting parties may require.

I have, etc.,

Charles S. Wilson.

Turco-Bulgarian agreement.

The Imperial Ottoman Government and the principality of Bulgaria have agreed upon the following points:

The principality of Bulgaria pledges itself to prevent upon its territory, as well as upon the territory of eastern Rumelia, the formation of revolutionary committees and of armed bands, as well as to prevent all acts and conspiracies directed against the Empire, and to punish with all severity such persons as, having committed acts against public peace in the neighboring provinces, have taken refuge in Bulgaria or in eastern Rumelia.
The principality shall take the necessary measures to prevent the introduction into the neighboring vilayets of all explosives or poisons, as well as any article prejudicial to public health.
The reforms agreed upon between Turkey, Austria, and Russia for the Vilayets of Salonika, Monastir, and Kossovo shall be applied by the Ottoman Government. The general amnesty which the Sultan in his gracious clemency has been pleased to grant will have full effect, and in consequence such persons as have been imprisoned or exiled on a charge of, or for the prevention of, crime, or who have, directly or indirectly, committed revolutionary acts, and all such as have been convicted of political offenses, shall be set at liberty and repatriated, with the exception of persons convicted of dynamite attacks against ships, railways, bridges, and public institutions.
The inhabitants of Rumelia who, in consequence of the recent disturbances, have taken refuge in Bulgaria or eastern Rumelia, or who, while remaining in their homes, have had their houses destroyed, will be granted assistance in their villages by the imperial authorities for rebuilding their homes, and will also have their lands returned to them.
A special arrangement shall be made for the reciprocal extradition of criminals and deserters. In order to prevent brigands and revolutionary bands from crossing the frontier, mixed corps shall be established on both sides, and a separate agreement shall be made on this subject. A mixed commission shall be established to settle pending questions and shall begin its work at once.
The customs restrictions lately imposed exceptionally upon articles from Bulgaria and eastern Rumelia shall be rescinded, and the former facilities shall be reestablished.
Railway trains shall be allowed to cross the frontier without hindrance, and no obstacles shall be placed in the way of Bulgarians traveling on their private business from the principality and eastern Rumelia who are furnished with the regulation papers.
Civil and judicial posts shall be open to Bulgarians who have the requisite qualifications.