Mr. Dawson to Mr. Hay.

No. 121.]

Sir: Referring to the subject of my No. 114 of January 23, the boundary treaty between Bolivia and Brazil, I have the honor to state that the Chamber of Deputies ratified it on January 25 by a vote of 118 to 13, and the Senate on February 12 by 35 to 9. The Bolivian Congress having already ratified the treaty the exchange of ratifications will promptly be made.

After ratifying the treaty the Chamber of Deputies passed a bill providing for the raising of the money necessary to carry out the obligations of the treaty and providing for the administration of the territory. This bill will doubtless shortly pass the Senate.

* * * * * * *

I send herewith under separate cover two maps showing accurately the old and new boundaries between the two countries.a

I have, etc.,

Thomas C. Dawson.
  1. Not printed.