Mr. Dawson to Mr. Hay.

No. 117.]

Sir: Referring to the subject of the use by a line of Brazilian sailing vessels of a flag resembling one form of our national ensign, I send inclosed herewith copy and translation of the official note just received confirmatory of the fact reported in Mr. Thompson’s No. 109, of January 4, as to the discontinuance of this abuse by order of the authorities,

I have, etc.,

Thomas C. Dawson.

Supplementing my note of September 30 to Mr. David E. Thompson, I now have the honor to inform you that, according to the declaration of my colleague of the navy, the Brazilian firm of Rosa, Carvalho & Co., of Pelotas, has already ordered the flag used on its ships to be substituted, complying thus with the request contained in the note from your legation of May 25 last.

I avail, etc.,

Rio Branco.