Mr. Dudley to Mr. Hay.

No. 950.]

Sir: I have the honor to forward herewith a copy and translation of a note from the Peruvian foreign office, inclosing a certified copy of a supreme decree of the 28th ultimo, also herewith inclosed in copy, providing upon the basis of reciprocity for the raising of this nation’s flag on the Palace of Government upon the anniversaries of other nations, and the half-masting of the flag in sign of condolence upon the death of the chiefs of other States, and the attendance in such case of public functionaries at the memorial services in this country, under whatever rites held.

It has heretofore happened that the President of Peru has felt obliged by the constitutional provision and the law respecting the protection of the established church and the prohibition of any other public worship to refrain from attending memorial services held in a non-Roman Catholic church. The law remains the same; the decree merely evidences a more liberal-minded construction and is in the direction encouraged by the Department in its instructions to this legation.

I have, etc.,

Irving B. Dudley.

The minister for foreign affairs presents his compliments to his excellency the envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary of the United States of America, and has the pleasure to inclose herewith an original copy of the supreme decree issued on June 28 last, which establishes reciprocity in the official ceremonies of congratulation or condolence, in view of the manifestations of mourning shown in some countries of America in consequence of the death of his excellency the late President Candamo.

Mr. Alberto Elmore avails himself of the opportunity to reiterate to Mr. Irving B. Dudley the assurances of his high and distinguished consideration.


The supreme decree, No. 64, of February 19, 1891, being founded upon the convenience of adopting a system of reciprocity similar to that laid down in other countries of America as regards the official ceremonies for congratulation or condolence, and as it is necessary to modify the said resolution on behalf of that same reciprocity, in view of the special mourning ceremonies decreed in some countries of America by reason of the death of the first magistrate of the Republic, it is resolved:

  • First That on the national anniversaries of the countries which observe toward Peru the same courtesy, the national ensign shall be hoisted at the Government Palace and at the public offices connected with it.
  • Second. That in cases of mourning for the heads of the Government of the said countries the national ensign shall be hoisted at half-mast at the Government Palace and at the above-mentioned offices, and the Government officers or functionaries of state may attend the funeral services, which, in accordance with their respective rites, may be performed for the aforesaid reason.

Let it be registered, published, circulated among the members of the diplomatic corps resident in Peru.

[The rubric of his excellency.]


Polo, Chief Cleric of the Foreign Office.