Mr. Bunau-Varilla to Mr. Hay.

Sir: The Bureau of Public Health and Marine-Hospital Service details in foreign ports, which are under the suspicion of contagious [Page 560] diseases, medical officers to assist the consuls of the United States in order to prevent the transportation of diseases from said ports to ports of the United States by ships bound for them.

In view of the importance of the sanitary precautions for the great work that is going to be accomplished by the United States on the territory of the Republic of Panama, I beg to suggest to your excellency that orders be given to the medical officers detailed at the contaminated ports to exercise their authority and to dictate the sanitary measures for all ships leaving said ports for the Republic of Panama exactly in the same manner as they are instructed to do for ships bound for the United States.

The adoption of this suggestion by the Government of the United States would be highly appreciated by the Government of the Republic of Panama.

I am, etc.,

P. Bunau-Varilla.