Mr. Gummeré to Mr. Hay.


(Mr. Gummeré reports that the negotiator returned this morning with word that Zellal had given his consent to allow the exchange of the captives at his village provided the Moorish Government will give him a written guaranty that he and his people shall not be molested hereafter. This promise was at once sent by the minister for foreign affairs. Raisuli has been told by special messenger to proceed with the captives and Muley Ali to Zellal’s village early to-morrow morning, and the prisoners and the money, with Muley Ahamed and negotiator will be sent from here very early the same day. Directions that the captives should be brought there without resting have been given, as delays are considered dangerous. Mr. Gummeré states that the jorospects of the release of the captives are brighter, but he is not entirely confident. He asks to be authorized to demand immediately after the release of the captives the punishment of all who were implicated in the abduction. As the Government is without sufficient power some means should be considered to enforce the demand.)