Mr. Gummeré to Mr. Hay.


(Mr. Gummeré reports that the brigand’s negotiator returned last night and announces that the terms having been accepted, the Moorish prisoners were released to-day, and the $50,000 in Spanish notes and $20,000 gold must be delivered to the bandit at Tarrasdant, where he is now, when Messrs. Perdicaris and Varley would be released. To this earnest objection was made by the British minister and Mr. Gummeré on the ground that the bandit, once having the money and prisoners, would not without further demand give up the captives. Finally it was proposed that $20,000 silver, and the remainder in notes (gold coin having been waived), together with the prisoners, should be taken by Muley Ahmed, one of the Wazan Shereefs, and the brigand’s negotiator, to the village of Zellal in the Beni Msur, a friendly tribe about six hours from Tangier, to be met there by Muley Ali, the other Wazan Shereef, with the captives, in charge of the brigand, and the exchange effected. To-day by special courier this proposal has been [Page 502] sent forward and a reply is hoped for to-morrow. It is still feared that the demand of guaranties will be made at the last moment.)