Mr. Gummeré to Mr. Hay.


(Mr. Gummeré reports the receipt by the minister for foreign affairs of a reply from the brigand in which further demands are made, namely, the release of some additional prisoners, four districts to be handed over to him, and his requirement of the arrest and imprisonment of the sheiks to be complied with. It is the intention of the minister for foreign affairs to grant these further demands. In his letter the brigand states that the British minister and Consul-General Gummeré will probably be approached by him on this point through other channels than the Moorish authorities. Mr. Perdicaris has been informed by the brigand, as the Shereef of Wazan was previously informed, that guaranties as to immunity will be required from the British and American Governments, but as to the guaranty of the imprisonment of the sheiks nothing was said by him to-day.)