Mr. Takahira to Mr. Hay.

My Dear Mr. Secretary: I beg to acknowledge the receipt of your note of the 5th instant with reference to the circulars sent from the consulate-general of Japan at New York to the commandant of the Mare Island Navy-Yard and transmitting copies of circulars addressed “To the Japanese serving in the. United States Navy,” in which subscriptions to Japanese bonds, and contributions to relief funds for Japanese soldiers and sailors, and in aid of the Red Cross Society of Japan are solicited.

Noting what you say concerning the undesirability of forwarding such communications through naval official channels, I shall communicate with the consul-general of Japan at New York upon the subject and give him the necessary instructions in the premises.

I am, etc.,

K. Takahira.

[Translation of the telegram received by the Japanese minister from Baron Komura. Handed to Mr. Adee by Mr. Takahira September 13, 1904.]

Mr. K. Uyeno, Japanese consul at San Francisco, telegraphs that the Russian auxiliary cruiser Lena, with the crew of 500 men and armament of 27 quick-firing guns, has entered the harbor of San Francisco, the object of which is said to be for repairs of her boilers and engines.

You are hereby instructed to call the attention of the United States Government to the above fact as reported, and to say to the Secretary of State that the Imperial Government expect that appropriate measures regarding the matter will be taken by the United States Government without delay.