Mr. Griscom to Mr. Hay.

Sir: I have the honor to transmit herewith a copy of a resume of official reports received by the Japanese Government regarding the capture of the Russian destroyer Ryeshitelni at Chefoo, informally communicated to me to-day by Baron Komura.

I have, etc.,

Lloyd C. Griscom.

Résumé of several reports so far received concerning capture of Russian destroyer at Chefoo. On the night of August 10, while cruising in search of dispersed Russian squadron, our destroyers Asashiwo and Kasumi sighted one apparently Russian destroyer steaming in full speed westward and immediately pursued her, but the latter disappeared in darkness. Continuing search till next morning, they found that the enemy’s destroyer had fled to Chefoo. They remained outside territorial water till night, vainly expecting her coming out. Then they entered Chefoo and found that the enemy’s destroyer was Ryeshitelni, and that there was no sign of her being dismantled. Accordingly Lieutenant Terashima was sent on board Ryeshitelni and offered the Russian commander alternative either to leave port before dawn or to surrender, The latter accepted neither, and while discussing proceeding he ordered his men to destroy machineries and to fire. Then suddenly taking Terashima in arms he jumped overboard. Another Russian also jumped into the sea with a Japanese interpreter. Then other Russians commenced hostilities. Meanwhile magazine of Ryeshitelni exploded, causing casualties among our men. Thereupon Ryeshitelni was captured and towed out. Our casulties were 1 killed, 14 wounded.