M. di Cellere to Mr. Hay.


Mr. Secretary of State:

As your excellency is aware, an agreement was reached by an exchange of notes dated August 13a and 4 last between the minister [Page 409] of Italy at Tangier and the representative there of the United States of America, respectively, to defer to the Italian and American consular courts in Morocco disputes arising from the counterfeiting of trade-marks committed by the citizens of either country to the prejudice of those of the other.

The Government of the King has issued to the royal legation at Tangier appropriate instructions for the execution of this agreement in accordance with articles 65, 67, and 111 of the existing consular laws of Italy. I am directed by my Government and have, in consequence, the honor to transmit herewith to your excellency the text of those instructions, together with its two accompaniments, for the due information of the Government of the United States and in completion of the agreement made at Tangier by the representatives of the two States.

I embrace the opportunity, etc.,

V. Macchi di Cellere.
  1. Evidently a clerical error. For dates of notes see ante. The note of July 29 is a duplicate of the note of August 4. There is no note of August 13 in the correspondence, but one of June 13, 1903.