Mr. Terres to Mr. Hay.

No. 1383.]

Sir: I have the honor to transmit herewith inclosed a letter received at this legation with the request that the same be forwarded to the Department of State. As will be seen thereby, the house of G. Keitel & Co. has been informed that a patent to continue their business will not be granted to them, thus forcing the firm into liquidation. Mr. Anton Jaegerhuber, an American citizen, is largely interested in the firm. He is now in Europe, and I presume will present his case to the Department for consideration.

I am, etc.,

John B. Terres.

Messrs. Keitel & Co. to Mr. Powell.

Sir: We wish to bring to your notice that the Haitian Government has refused by letter to grant to the house of G. Keitel & Co. a patent for the purpose of continuing to conduct their business in this city of Port au Prince, and by the same letter requesting the firm to enter into liquidation of their affairs and that a reasonable delay will be given to liquidate.

Mr. Anton Jaegerhuber, now absent in Europe, is the principal partner in our firm, he being an American citizen, and would be a very heavy loser if this arbitrary demand of the Haitian Government is upheld. We will bring the case before Mr. Jaegerhuber by letter and request him to take such necessary steps to enter a protest to the American Government at Washington for the protection of his rights.

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In the meantime we would be pleased if you will have forwarded to the State Department this complaint that they may take such steps as they deem necessary for his protection.

We are, etc.,

G. Keitel & Company.