Mr. Powell to Mr. Hay.

No. “Q.”]

Sir: I have the honor to submit to the Department a copy of a dispatch forwarded to the minister of foreign relations, Hon. M. Férère, in regard to the subject of license taxes, in accordance with instructions from the Department.

I have, etc.,

W. F. Powell.

Mr. Powell to Mr. Férère.

Sir: I had the honor to address your excellency by instructions from my Government, in regard to the question of patents or license tax. I have expected to have received a reply to my note, but up to the present moment I have received none.

I have now to inform your excellency that the question of license taxes or tax contributions, of whatever nature, in violation of article 5 of the treaty between the United States and Haiti, must be considered as settled. My Government will not admit any further discussion on this subject. It denies to your excellency’s Government the right to levy such tax.

[Page 384]

I call your excellency’s attention to the carefully rendered decision of the Hon. W. R. Day, in the Metzger case. It was therein admitted by the Haitian Government the provisions of that treaty to be correct.

My Government expects the provisions of that treaty to be faithfully observed toward its citizens.

I am also instructed to inform your excellency that my Government can no longer engage in the discussion of this question which has been so well and finally settled.

Accept, etc.,

W. F. Powell.