Mr. Loomis to Mr. Powell.

No. 588.]

Sir: * * * With reference to the question of patents or license taxes and the taxation of bonds, I have to say that the question of license taxes or tax contributions of whatever nature in violation of article 5 of the treaty between the United States and Haiti must be considered as settled. The attitude of this Government has been too clearly and too long defined to admit of further discussion on that subject. It was carefully considered and decided by the Hon. William K. Day, now a justice of the United States Supreme Court, in the arbitration over the Metzger case. In the course of the correspondence in that case the attitude of the Department with respect to the provisions of the treaty was admitted by the Haitian Government to be correct. It has again been reaffirmed in the Department’s instruction No. 582, of November 6 last. You will advise the Haitian Government that the Government of the United States expects that the provisions of that treaty will be faithfully observed toward its citizens and that the Department can no longer engage in the discussion of the question, which has been so well and finally settled.

I am, etc.,

F. B. Loomis,
Acting Secretary.