Mr. Choate to Mr. Hay.

No. 1452.]

Sir: With reference to my telegram of the 13th of July last and to subsequent correspondence relative to the protection of the seals in the region of the Commander Island, I have the honor to inclose herewith a copy of a note from Lord Lansdowne, dated the 13th instant. * * *

I have, etc.,

Joseph H. Choate.

Lord Lansdowne to Mr. Choate.

Your Excellency: I have the honor to inform Your Excellency that a telegram has been received from the officer commanding His Majesty’s ship Algerine, the vessel deputed to visit the Commander and Robber islands with a view to the protection of the Russian seal herds, to the following effect:

No British schooners have been seen, but 18 Japanese schooners have been found seal hunting near the Commander Island and their names taken. The rookeries appear to have been raided to a small extent.

[Page 342]

On the passage to Hakodate the Algerine visited the river Tinel, latitude 58°, and there took on board the crew of the American steamer Mineola, which sank after striking on an unknown rock. The crew consisted of 31 persons, including a Russian official, a passenger. The commander of the Algerine proposed to land them at Hakodate.

I have, etc.,