Mr. Loomis to Sir Mortimer Durand.

No. 28.]

Excellency: Referring to your note, No. 15, of the 29th ultimo, by which you informed me of the purpose of the Canadian government to appoint Mr. King as their representative on the Commission to delimitate the boundary between Alaska and the Dominion of Canada, I have the honor to inform you that Mr. O. H. Tittmann, Superintendent of the Coast and Geodetic Survey, has been designated by this Government as its expert representative on the Delimitation Commission for the tracing of the said boundary in conformity with the award of the Alaska Boundary Tribunal.

Owing to the brief season in which work can be done to advantage I venture to suggest to your excellency the expediency of an early conference between Messrs. Tittmann and King in order that work may be begun without undue delay.

I have, etc.,

Francis B. Loomis,
Acting Secretary.