Mr. Hay to Mr. Porter.


This morning I received a note from the chargé d’affaires of France informing me of the action of the Government of the Republic in conferring upon me the Grand Cross of the Legion of Honor. I have replied that, waiving all individual considerations, I sincerely appreciate the sentiment which has moved the French Government to take this signal method of testifying in my person its appreciation of the efforts which, in the name of my country and as the exponent of the earnest wishes of the President and of my fellow-citizens in behalf of peace, it has been my duty and privilege to exert in furtherance of international concord and good will.

In advising you of this I have to request you to express to the Government of the Republic the gratitude with which I accept this honor, subject to the superior sanction of the Congress as prescribed by our Constitution and statutes, and of my high sense: of this tribute to the endeavors of the American Government and people to promote peace among the nations.

John Hay.