Mr. Dawson to Mr. Hay.

No. 9.]

Sir: I inclose herewith copy and translation of the peace treaties signed June 3 and June 10 between Demetrio Rodriguez and Desiderio Arias, commanding the revolutionary forces in Monte Christi, and General Cespedes, representative of the Morales government.

This agreement was reached through the mediation of Captain Dillingham. It put an end to the only serious armed opposition to the Government. Its essential provisions are that Arias is recognized as governor of Monte Christi, and he and Rodriguez agree to maintain order and peace there and to collect all arms in the hands of revolutionists. Your attention is especially called to the fourth paragraph of the June 10 agreement, by which Arias and Rodriguez hold themselves responsible for peace and order, “particularly before the representative of the American Navy, who has intervened in the matter and signed this agreement.”

On July 3 Governor Arias told Admiral Sigsbee and myself that he proposed to abide by the agreement and wished for American support in so doing. * * *

On my arrival here President Morales told me he asked nothing better than to keep the agreement in force. I believe him to be sincere.

* * * * * * *

I have, etc.,

T. C. Dawson.

first treaty.

In order immediately to put an end to the present civil war, which has been decimating the Dominicans and ruining the country, it has been agreed between General Jesus Maria Cespedes, representing the provisional government presided over by General C. F. Morales, on the one part, and General Demetrio Rodriguez, chief of the present revolution, on the other part, as follows:

The provisional government extends ample guaranties to General Demetrio Rodriguez and all the other chief officers and citizens who are fighting or who have fought in the ranks of the revolution, as well for the persons as for their interests, giving them the assurance that in no manner will they be molested on account of their opinions nor for acts which have happened previous to this agreement.
The account of expenses incurred by the revolution will be recognized by the Government, and will be paid in due season in the same privileged form as the accounts for expenses incurred by the triumphant revolution represented by the provisional government.
All the authorities of the district of Monte Christie will be named in accord with General Demetrio Rodriguez, and persons of proved probity and honor shall be chosen in order not only that they may have the offered guaranties, but at the same time may represent the government honorably and properly.
It is agreed that both the contracting chiefs shall take the steps necessary in order that hostilities may cease completely within the district during three [Page 290]days, in which General Rodriguez shall agree with the other revolutionary chiefs that they shall adhere to this arrangement, and General Cespedes shall obtain the ratification of the provisional government.
General Demetrio Rodriguez undertakes to cause to be collected all the arms which are in the hands of the revolutionists as soon as this agreement shall be definitely accepted, leaving only in each place those arms necessary for the garrisons which shall be judged proper for the maintenance of order; the Government shall dispose of the rest in the manner it may deem convenient.
General Cespedes proposes, and General Demetrio Rodriguez has accepted, the offer of the governorship of the district of Monte Christi to General Desiderio Arias.
When the pacification of this district shall have been secured General Rodriguez shall go on working to obtain the adhesion of the revolutionaries in other Provinces, to the end that all shall accept the conditions stipulated in clauses 1 and 2 of this agreement.

Done in good faith in duplicate at the port of Monte Christi, on board the American cruiser Detroit, the 3d of June, 1904.

Demetrio Rodriguez.

J. M. Cespedes.

F. A. Marciacq,
Consul of Haiti.

Valentin Bonavente,
Spanish Vice-Consul.

I. F. Petit,
Consular Agent of the United States of America.

F. Lembecke,
German Consul.

A. C. Dillingham,
Commander, U. S. Navy.

second treaty.

In addition to the contract of the 3d of this June, celebrated in this port on board the American cruiser Detroit, between the Government of the nation, represented by Mr. J. M. Cespedes, and Mr. Demetrio Rodriguez, chief of the present revolution, the following has been agreed to:

The deputies of the district to the National Congress shall be named by the people in conformity with a decree which shall be made calling an election for this purpose in the course of the present month.
The Government votes the sum of three thousand dollars gold, half in cash and half in notes, as a donation made to the troops of the revolution, which sum shall be placed at the disposition of General Desiderio Arias in Monte Cristy within five days.
Clause 3 of the former contract is ratified in the sense that the authorities of the district shall be named by Generals Demetrio Rodriguez and Desiderio Arais.
Generals Demetrio Rodriguez and Desiderio Arais obligate themselves to reestablish order and peace in the district, being responsible for this before the high contracting parties, the mediators whose signatures are hereunto attached, and particularly to the representative of the American Navy who has intervened in these negotiations and signed this agreement.

  • Demetrio Rodriguez.
  • J. M. Cespedes.
  • Desiderio Arias.
  • I. F. Petit,
    United States Consular Agent.
  • F. A. Marciacq,
    Consul of Haiti
  • F. Lembecke,
    German Consular Agent.
  • A. C. Dillingham,
    Commander U. S. Navy.