Mr. Dawson to Mr. Hay.

No. 27.]

Sir: Referring to your No. 18, of August 9, in regard to the appointment of Mr. John T. Abbott as financial agent of the United States under the provisions of the arbitral award of July 14, 1904, I have to report that I have complied therewith and notified this Government as instructed.

Inclosed is a copy of my note to the minister of foreign affairs.

I have, etc.,

T. C. Dawson.

Mr. Dawson to Mr. Sanchez.

Mr. Minister: By the award rendered on the 14th day of July, 1904, by the commission of arbitration under the protocol of January 31, 1903, between my [Page 280]Government and that of this Republic, it was provided that the United States should appoint a financial agent to collect the sum due under the award.

Pursuant to instructions from the Department of State I now have the honor to inform you that Mr. John T. Abbott has been appointed as financial agent under the provisions of the award in question.

I improve the opportunity to renew, etc.,

T. C. Dawson.