Mr. Swenson to Mr. Hay.

No. 331.]

Sir: Referring to my 329, of the 16th instant, I now have the honor to inclose herein a copy of a note from the minister of foreign affairs, elated the 23d instant, in which the Danish Government formally accepts your proposal regarding the neutrality and administrative entity of China.

The diplomatic representatives of Denmark at St. Petersburg, Tokyo, and Peking will immediately be notified that such action has been taken.

I have, etc.,

Laurits S. Swenson.

Mr. Deuntzer to Mr. Swenson.

Mr. Minister: I have received your note of the 12th instant, in which you were good enough to communicate to me the proposal of his excellency the Secretary of State at Washington relative to concurrent action by the neutral powers in the war between Russia and Japan, for the purpose of requesting the belligerent powers to respect the neutrality of China. In reply, I have the honor to inform yon, as I have already done verbally, that His Majesty’s Government adheres in principle to the above-mentioned proposal, which has been conceived for a humane purpose and which accords with the ardent desire of the Government that the peaceful relations of the world be disturbed as little as possible.

In approving the principle of the proposal, His Majesty’s Government does not, however, intend to obligate itself thereby to cooperate in such measures as the other neutral powers may deem necessary or opportune in consequence of the concurrent action referred to above.

Be pleased, etc.,