Mr. Squiers to Mr. Hay.


(Mr. Squiers reports the receipt of the following telegram from the American consul at Cienfuegos:

When entering the consulate this morning at 6.30 o’clock the janitor called me to the entrance, where I found the door besmeared and the coat of arms literally covered with mud. No other violations were attempted. Have reported [Page 237] facts to the police, and Acting Mayor Castano ordered immediate investigation. He, in company with other civil authorities, called at the consulate to express their regrets.

Mr. Squiers reports further that he has urged upon the Cuban Government the necessity for measures to prevent further disorders. The President has sent the commander of the rural guard to investigate, and has also instructed the local authorities to make every effort to detect and punish the perpetrators of the outrage. Both the President and Mr. Zaldo have expressed extreme regret over the occurrence.)