Mr. Snyder to Mr. Hay.

No. 311.]

Sir: I have the honor to send you herewith copies and translations of further correspondence from the Colombian foreign office relative to events connected with the formation of the Republic of Panama.

* * * * * * *

I am, etc.,

Alban G. Snyder.
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Señor Rico to Mr. Snyder.

Sir: I have to inform your honor that at the beginning of November of last year the Government of Colombia, through its agent in France, informed the New Panama Canal Company that, according to article 21 of the contract celebrated in Bogotá on March 20, 1878, between said company and the Colombian Government, it was absolutely prohibited from ceding any of its rights to a foreign nation or government. Therefore the Government of Colombia does not accept the transfer which may be made in violation of that article.

This ministry would be pleased if your honor would inform the Government of the United States as soon as possible that Colombia has not given its consent to the transfer of these rights, and firmly insists on the fulfilling of said article of the treaty of 1878.

I reiterate, etc.,

Luis Carlos Rico.