Mr. Hale to Mr. Hay.

No. 176.]


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I beg to report that on February 17 last a general declaration of the neutrality of Austria (copy of which, together with translation, is inclosed herewith) appeared in the official Wiener Zeitung. A precisely similar declaration was issued on the same day at Budapest for the subjects of the countries of the Hungarian Crown. No other neutrality proclamations of any sort have been issued by the dual monarchy.

I have, etc.,

Chandler Hale.

Neutrality proclamation of the Austrian Government, published in the official Wiener Zeitung on the 11th of February, 1904.

The Imperial Russian and the Imperial Japanese Governments having officially informed the I. and R. ministry of foreign affairs that a state of war now exists between these two powers, the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy has declared its neutrality to both belligerents and will observe an attitude strictly in conformity with the law of nations.

It is therefore the duty of all Austrian subjects to carefully refrain from any actions which might be inconsistent with the neutrality of the monarchy.