Mr. Hay to Mr. Wu.

No. 192.]

Sir: Referring to your note No. 214, of the 28th ultimo, requesting that permission be granted to the Chinese student, Tong Tseng, to land at Honolulu, whither he has gone for the purpose of pursuing an educational course, I have the honor to inform you that the Department [Page 71] is in receipt of a letter from the Secretary of the Treasury, dated the 10th instant, in which he says that papers on appeal have been received from the collector of customs at Honolulu in the case of a Chinese boy named Tong Chong, who arrived at that place by the steamship Gaelic on October 22 last; and that the Treasury Department, in a decision given on the 10th instant, has directed that the said Tong Chong be permitted to land.

The Secretary of the Treasury adds that it is assumed that the boy Tong Chong is identical with the one named in your note as Tong Tseng, who, you state, arrived by the Gaelic on October 21, inasmuch as all the other circumstances of Tong Chong’s case agree practically with those stated in your note.

Accept, etc.,

John Hay.