Mr. Squiers to Mr. Hay.

No. 677.]

Sir: I have the honor to inclose to you copy of correspondence regarding provisional transfer of old United States concession at Tientsin to the municipality of the British extra concession.

As reported in Mr. Conger’s dispatch No. 491, of December 31, 1900, and No. 551, February 27, 1901, this concession was temporarily occupied by us with the hope that by doing so the powers might be induced to joining in an international settlement, but there now appears to be no possibility of such action, at least for the present.

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Mr. Ragsdale’s representations that this property is an “eyesore” to Tientsin, as there is no sanitary or police control, are supported by reports from other sources.

As the object in taking over control of the concession will be in no way prejudiced, I recommend the acceptance of the British proposals, with the exception of paragraph 2, which should provide for mooring of all United States vessels.

I beg to request a telegraphic repty.

I have, etc.,

H. G. Squiers.
[Inclosure 1.]

Mr. Ragsdale to Mr. Squiers.

No. 182.]

Sir: I have the honor to submit that the territory in what is known as the old United States concession, Tientsin, and to which we have given notice of probable reoccupation, is now really “no man’s land” in so far as sanitary or police control is concerned, and is rapidly filling up with bad characters, making some control absolutely necessary. The municipality of the British extra concession is willing to assume such control and have asked, through the British consul-general, what conditions would be exacted in this event. With the approval of the legation I shall reply offering the said municipality control on the following conditions:

The right of occupancy by our military forces at any time shall not be interfered with.
The right to use the bund for mooring purposes will be reserved.
The right of representation on the municipal council by at least one American citizen.
All transfers of property within the concession shall be registered at the United States consulate.
No regulations shall be made exclusively applying to the concession without the approval of the United States consul.
If for any reason control is desired by the United States the same shall be turned over after twelve months’ notice.

I am, etc.,

James W. Ragsdale, Consul.
[Inclosure 2.]

Mr. Satow to Mr. Squiers.

My Dear Colleague: In reply to your inquiry of the 16th instant relating to the provisional transfer of the old United States concession to the municipality of the British extra concession, I beg herewith to inclose copy of the terms on which I understand the above-mentioned municipality are willing to agree. You will see that there is little or no difference between these and the conditions forwarded to you by Mr. Ragsdale, and I trust that an agreement may be come to which will prove beneficial to both parties.

Believe me, etc.,

Ernest Satow.

conditions of handing over the united states concession at tientsin.

The United States Government to reserve the right to exercise exclusive military control over the concession in case of necessity.
The United States Government reserve the right to moor a gunboat or gunboats at the bund of the United States concession in case of necessity.
At least one American citizen to be on the extra concession council. In the event of there being no American citizen on the extra concession council in the ordinary [Page 54]way, the United States consul should have the right to nominate one by virtue of this arrangement.
All transfers of land in the United States concession to be registered at the United States consulate.
No special regulations which apply to the United States concession and not to other parts of the British extra concession to be made without the approval of the United States consul.
The United States Government to reserve the right to terminate the arrangement with the British extra concession on giving one year’s notice and assuming any financial liabilities which may have been incurred for the development of the concession with the consent of the United States consul.