Mr. Wilson to Mr. Hay.

No. 203.]

Sir: I have the honor to confirm my telegrama of the 14th instant.

The President expired on Friday evening, July 12, but as the intelligence of his death was immediately communicated to the Chilean legation in Washington I did not deem it necessary to do more than advise the Department of the date of the funeral ceremonies, which date was afterwards changed to Wednesday, the 17th.

I beg also to confirm the receipt of the Department’s telegrama of the 15th instant.

This telegram was immediately communicated to the Chilean foreign office, together with a note, copy of which is inclosed.

Messages similar to that of the Department were received by all diplomatic representatives here and in most cases these messages of condolence were accompanied by instructions to send floral tributes in the name of the executive heads of their Governments. Under the circumstances it seemed to me proper to send some floral offering, and I therefore assumed the responsibility of purchasing a large artificial wreath, which I sent in the name of the President.

The death of the President was not unexpected. For the latter part of the year he has been considered in an extremely precarious condition; fully one-half of this time he has been incapable of attending to his executive duties, and during the last three months he lost control completely of his mental faculties. His death being anticipated for so long a time rendered easy the transition of the executive power into the hands of the Vice-President. The acting President, Señor Zanartu, will retain the executive powers, which are in all respects equal to those of the deceased President, until the newly elected President, Señor Riesco, shall be inaugurated, September 18, 1901.

I have, etc.,

Henry L. Wilson.

Mr. Wilson to Señor Rodriguez.

No. 172.]

Mr. Minister: I have the honor to inform your excellency that I received last evening, from the Department of State at Washington, the following cablegram:

“The President of the United States conveys through you to the Government and the family of the late President Errázuriz his sincere sympathy.”

The above reached my hands at 6 o’clock p. m., but as I found it impossible to communicate with your excellency’s department last night it is only at this moment that I am able to transmit the message.

I beg to assure your excellency that the deplorable loss which the Government of Chile has just suffered in the death of its Chief Executive, His Excellency Don Fedrico Errázuriz Echaurren, has called forth the deep sympathy of the President of the United States and of the Government and people thereof.

My sad duty in expressing these sentiments would remain incomplete did I not in response to the desire of the President of the United States convey through your excellency’s department to the Señora Jertrudis Echenique, viuda de Errázuriz his [Page 38] sincere condolences for the irreparable misfortune which she has just sustained in the death of her distinguished husband, and express the hope that in the hour of her deep tribulation she may find Divine consolation.

I gladly avail myself of this occasion to renew, etc.,

Henry L. Wilson.
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