notice to american citizens formerly subjects of servia who contemplate returning to that country.

The information given below is believed to be correct, yet is not to be considered as official, as it relates to the laws and regulations of a foreign country.

Ordinarily all subjects of Servia are expected to perform at least two years’ military service after they attain manhood.

If a subject of Servia emigrates before he has fulfilled his military obligations the Servian Government does not recognize a change of nationality made without the consent of the King, and upon his return he may be subject to molestation.

If, however, he performed his military service before emigration his acquisition of naturalization in the United States is recognized by the Servian Government.

There is no treaty between the United States and Servia defining the status of naturalized Americans of Servian birth returning to Servia.

Passports are rigorously required of all persons who desire to enter Servia.