notice to american citizens formerly subjects of roumania who contemplate returning to that country.

The information given below is believed to be correct, yet is not to be considered as official, as it relates to the laws and regulations of a foreign country.

All male inhabitants of Roumania except those under foreign protection are liable to military duty between the ages of 21 and 30 years.

American citizens formerly Roumanian subjects are not molested upon their return to Roumania, unless they infringed Roumanian law before emigrating. One who did not complete his military service in Roumania, and can not prove that he performed military service in the United States, is subject to arrest, or fine, or both, for evasion of military duty.

There is no treaty between the United States and Roumania defining the status of naturalized Americans of Roumanian birth returning to Roumania.

Passports are absolutely necessary in Roumania, and must be viséed by a Roumanian consul. If they are not so viséed the holder may be sent back from the frontier to the nearest place where there is a Roumanian consul.

An American who intends to remain in Roumania for a longer period than eight days must have his passport viséed by the United States consul at Bucharest and obtain a permit of residence, valid for one year, from the prefecture of police.