notice to american citizens former subjects of portugal who contemplate returning to that country.

The information given below is believed to be correct, yet is not to be considered as official, as it relates to the laws and regulations of a foreign country.

Military service is obligatory upon Portuguese male subjects, but by becoming naturalized in a foreign country a Portuguese loses his qualifications as such.

On returning to the Kingdom with the intention of residing in it he may reacquire Portuguese subjection by requesting it from the municipal authorities of the place he selects for his residence. Not making this declaration he remains an alien and is not subject to military duty.

If a Portuguese leaves Portugal without having performed the military duty to which he was liable and becomes naturalized in a foreign country, his property is subject to seizure, and that of the person who may have become security for him when he left the Kingdom is equally liable. There is no treaty between the United States and Portugal defining the status of former Portuguese subjects who have become naturalized American citizens.

Passports are not required to enter Portuguese dominions. Travelers are, however, required to establish their nationality when they depart, and for this purpose a passport is the most effective document.