Mr. Thieriot to Mr. Hay.

No. 65.]

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of the Department’s instruction No. 32, of the 19th ultimo, to hand this day.

In compliance with the Department’s No. 29, of December 20, 1900, instructing me to make one more effort to obtain authorization for the sale of the Ayer Company’s medicines, I beg to say that since its [Page 439] receipt I have made, both verbally and by letter, renewed efforts in this direction, resulting, however, I regret to say, in a reply from the minister of foreign affairs which, I suppose, must be regarded as final, and of which I beg to inclose a translation.

I have, etc.,

J. H. Thieriot.

Mr. Arroyo to Mr. Thieriot.

In reply to your excellency’s note of January 28 last, accompanied by a letter addressed to you by the Ayer Company, I have to apprise your excellency that the proper department, to which the said documents were made known, informs me that the decision come to with respect to the preparations Cherry Pectoral and Sarsaparilla was based upon the opinion of technical experts, and in harmony with the provisions of the decree of the 10th of May, 1899, which regulates the sale of medicines of secret composition, in which category the medicines referred to are comprised, for, according to the terms of the minister’s order of the 17th of March, 1865, all medicines are to be considered secret which are not to be found mentioned and sanctioned in the legal pharmacopoeia of the Kingdom.

I embrace this opportunity to renew, etc.,

Joaõ M. Arroyo.