Mr. Thieriot to Mr. Hay.

No. 55.]

Sir: I am very sorry to have to state that in spite of numerous interviews with the minister of foreign affairs, letters and remonstrances, this Government has decided to refuse permission for the sale of Ayer’s Cherry Pectoral, Sarsaparilla and Ague Cure.

I take the liberty of inclosing a copy of my last letter to the minister of foreign affairs, dated 20th of November, 1900, as well as a translation of the last letter to me from the foreign office.

Messrs. James Cassels & Co., Oporto, have been informed of this news.

I have, etc.,

J. H. Thieriot.
[Inclosure 1.]

Mr. Thieriot to Mr Arroyo, minister of foreign affairs.

In addition to the petition made to your excellency on the 22d of October, 1900, I have the honor to say that I am requested by the firm J. C. Ayer & Co. to state that they have no objection to show the formula of their Sarsaparilla, which is not a patent medicine, but approved of by all medical men.

The composition of Pink Pills was made known to the “Conselho de Sande e Hygiene,” but not to the public. The three medicines which the firm in question now begs permission to offer for sale are, then, the following: First, Sarsaparilla; second, Cherry Pectoral; third, Ague Cure.

These three medicines have been admitted for sale by all nations, and the Sarsaparilla has the largest sale of any medicine in the world.

Requesting of your excellency the favor of a speedy decision in this matter, I avail, etc.,

J. H. Thieriot.
[Inclosure 2.—Translation.]

Mr. Arroyo to Mr. Thieriot.

With reference to the permission asked for by the firm J. C. Ayer & Co. for the sale of their pharmaceutical preparations, and in reply to your excellency’s notes on the subject, I have to acquaint your excellency that the general board of public health has informed this department that by a ministerial decision permission has been denied for the sale of the medicines denominated Ayer’s Cherry Pectoral, Ayer’s Extract of Sarsaparilla, Ayer’s Ague Cure.

I avail, etc.,

João M. Arroyo.