notice to american citizens formerly subjects of persia who contemplate returning to that country.

The information given below is believed to be correct, yet is not to be considered as official, as it relates to the laws and regulations of a foreign country.

Permission to be naturalized in a foreign country is not granted by the Persian Government to a Persian subject if he is under charge for a crime committed in Persia, or is a fugitive from justice, or a deserter from the Persian army, or is in debt in Persia, or fled to avoid pecuniary obligations.

If a Persian subject becomes a citizen of another country without the permission of the Persian Government he is forbidden to reenter Persian territory, and if he had any property in Persia he is ordered to sell or dispose of it.

There is no treaty between the United States and Persia defining the status of former Persian subjects who have become naturalized American citizens.

Passports are usually required of foreigners desiring to enter Persia, and they should, if possible, bear the visé or indorsement of a Persian consular officer.