Mr. Bridgman to Mr. Hay.

No. 306.]

Sir: Referring to despatch No. 111,a of March 28, 1899, in which I described in brief the murder outside of Cochabamba of inoffensive soldiers in a church by savage Indians at the instigation of a wicked priest, I have to add this most gratifying news of the exhibition of justice under the rule of President Pando.

Every Indian who was captured, and when proof could be maintained of guilt, was executed. The number thus punished was more than 300. The priest was immediately arrested and has been in prison for two years. Sentence of death has just been pronounced against him.

This retribution, exhibited in a country so isolated and so thoroughly under the influence of the priesthood as is Bolivia, is a most decided and encouraging symptom of liberal government, and consistent with what I believe to be the honest purpose of President Pando. The influence of this particular priest is very great and his merited judgment has required the utmost firmness on the part of the Government.

I have, etc.,

George H. Bridgman.