Signor Carignani to Mr. Hay.


Mr. Secretary of State: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your excellency’s note of August 24, 1901, No. 704, relative to the claim of Mrs. Fenice Ferrara, and to thank you therefor. It is stated in said note that, in the present state of the question, the Department of State is of the opinion that there is no ground for diplomatic intervention, inasmuch as the claimant has not exhausted all lega, means of redress.

The contents of the aforesaid note has been communicated to Mrs. Ferrara and her lawyer by the royal consul at Denver, and said lawyer has sent a letter to the consul containing certain explanations which appear to be of special importance.

I decided to lay the matter before the Department of State only after a careful examination of the evidence produced in the case, from which I thought that there appeared to be no doubt that the claimant had in reality exhausted all legal means for the assertion of her rights before the courts. The lettera of Mr. M. J. Galligan, a lawyer of Pueblo, Colo., a copy of which I herewith inclose, confirms and explains the situation more satisfactorily.

It consequently becomes my duty again to submit the case to your excellency’s consideration, and I feel confident that the considerations stated in the letter of Mrs. Ferrara’s legal adviser, and the inquiries which you will think proper to make on the subject, will cause the question to be decided in favor of an unfortunate woman who, in addition to having lost her husband, who was killed while at work, has been left in the most abject poverty.

Thanking you for the kind attention with which you will, I am sure, be pleased to examine this note, I have the honor, etc.,


P. S.—I herewith inclose the papers in the case, requesting that they may be returned to me.

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