Mr. White to Mr. Hay.

No. 1703.]

Sir: Referring to the embassy’s dispatch No. 1690, of the 8th instant, I have the honor to report that, after a period of uncertainty, it was ultimately signified to the ambassadors at this court that their presence would be welcome at the funeral services of the late Empress [Page 187] Frederick at Potsdam, and that consequently I was present on that occasion yesterday.

The pageant and services were very impressive, besides the German Emperor and Empress, the King and Queen of Great Britain taking part in the whole ceremony.

Immediately before the procession began to move the Emperor signified a wish to see me, and upon my coming into his presence he spoke quite at length regarding the message of sympathy which he had received from the President, expressing his heartfelt appreciation of it and his thanks for it, and joining to this a personal expression of deep sympathy for a recent bereavement of my own.

I may add to this that the entire German press, so far as I have observed it, gave prominence to the President’s message of sympathy, frequently adding expressions of thorough appreciation of its spirit and whole tenor.

I am, etc.,

Andrew D. White.