Mr. Uhl to Mr. Olney.

No. 34.]

Sir: I have the honor to transmit, herein inclosed, a copy, with translation, of a note to day received from the foreign office in regard to the existing prohibition of the importation into Germany of American beef cattle and fresh beef. A copy of the embassy’s note referred to, F. O. 296, was sent to the Department with General Runyon’s dispatch No. 368, of September 18, 1895. As will be seen from the note, no copy of the memorandum which is to be furnished to the Department by the German ambassador in Washington has been sent me, and I would respectfully ask to be supplied with one by the State Department.

I have, etc.,

Edwin F. Uhl.
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[Inclosure in No. 34.—Translation.]

Baron von Marschall to Mr. Uhl.

The undersigned, referring to the note of the 18th of September last, F. O. 296, has the honor to inform His Excellency Mr. Edwin F. Uhl, ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of the United States of America, that the proposal, which was made on the part of America, that the prohibition of the importation of American beef cattle and fresh beef which was ordered on the part of Germany in 1894 be done away with has been given a thorough examination by the proper officials of the interior department, and that they, as a result of this investigation, do not, to their regret, find themselves in a position to bring about the annulling of the prohibition.

While the undersigned permits himself to add that the imperial ambassador in Washington has been instructed to furnish to the Government there a memorandum based upon the opinion of the imperial health office, containing detailed information regarding the reasons for this action, he avails himself, etc.,

v. Marschall.